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Graduation and Moving On

Posted Oct 24 2012 4:10am

At least once a year, there are a lot of graduations.It’s a time when a lot of people move on,from where they were, to another school or another class,or out into a real world.To graduate means to take a step forward, to move onward.I can remember my high school graduation,my graduation from university,and even my graduation fromMoncler Cappotto Uomograduated school.Each of those graduations was nice.I took pictures, I got flowers, I hug my parents.I had the motions to moving on, I want to stay and have more fun.But I also want to move on.When we hear the word graduation, we naturally think of graduating from school.But I think it’s possible to graduate from different places, or stages in life.I worked in a company in New York for about three years.In one point I felt I couldn’t learn anything else from the company,where the people I was working with.Then I had hit a ceiling, I felt that was time to move on.The way that I describe that moving on is a graduation.Some times we are thrown out into the world or to the next level,whether we are ready or not.Other times we get the truth when we want to move on.I have experienced both.I preferred the second one, where I have a choice,I like the truth when and how, but we don’t always get what we want,since we can learn from every experience that we have,each experience can be a stepping stone for us to be better people.I know that I take lessons with me every time I graduated,but some times I can be a slow learner.I wonder when my next graduation is going to be.



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