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Friday, 4/23/2010

Posted Apr 23 2010 12:00am
Hi all,
Hannah had a bone marrow aspiration(BMA) done today. That is a procedure where they put her to sleep then take a sample of bone marrow from the back of her pelvic bone. They check the marrow to see what percent of leukemia cells are left inside her. This helps the doctors find out if the chemo at it's current dose is working or if they need to go with a more aggressive treatment. The previous BMA revealed that her cancer cells were still at 30%. If today's check is not under 5%, Hannah will have to be put on the more aggressive chemo. Please, cross your fingers, or say a prayer for us. We will find out Monday.
Other than that, her ANC (bateria fighting white cells, that determine her overall immunity) are still under 200. It is at 130, so we still have to go to the hospital every day or every other day.
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