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Birthdays, Hats, and Making Counts

Posted Nov 07 2010 4:27pm
Oh, I have so much to tell and so many pictures, I can barely begin.

Ok, First.
Yesterday was Kristian's 4th birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Kristian!
His mom, Auntie Janea, Grandma Patty, and the birthday boy, himself, came over Tuesday night to have dinner and play. Here is a picture of Kristian and Hannah tearing into presents.

Check out this hat.

My co-worker, Barb, gave Hannah these awesome animal hats with fleece on the inside. This one is a mouse. Hannah LOVES it and wears it everywhere. Also, don't be alarmed by the ink on Hannah's face. While I did let Hannah get all tatted up, I did insist she go with fake tattoos.

She made counts at Friday's appointment. Her ANC was at 2160. That is a very healthy number! She only needed to be at 750 to start the next round of chemo. She started her, four day in a row, chemo schedule yesterday.

Chemo is really the worst, best thing.

Here she is at the start of yesterday's six hour chemo transfusion. Happy and coloring. Half an hour after the chemo started she got a wicked burning headache in her forehead and nose. They slowed down the drip and she eventually felt better, but it was some cold, hard reality served first thing.

Best, of course, so we can keep seeing this smile.

I will leave you with this amazing picture of a wild, rocker girl I know.

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