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Weigh in

Today I weigh in at tops somehow cant weight.   My scale went down.  I fell off track for a day or two but I am back.

jan 12

I wish they let you put in fraction of pounds today I am 224.2 went down from 229.8  so wont have a loss shown here till i get under 224.  I am...

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Jul 05 2010 by Leslie K.

starting over again today.  will be on road today but will watch what I eat and work on exercise tonight.


yes I will pray .   

Oct 06 2009 by See Kim W.
Thanks Leslie, please pray for the ones that still have to go the cancer road each and every day.
Sep 05 2009 by Leslie K.
wow just received these messages were wrote on my whiteboard.  talk about a deley.  well havent been here for a while.  I been yo yoing.  my computer was also in shop for a while.  but I am back on track.  I will lose this week.

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