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Geeks in Gis is ran by two geeks that enjoy martial arts, weight training, and sports. Lesley is a tech author and games journalist. She is the author of two books, which were published by Packt Publishing and she is currently working on Weight Training For Women: A Beginner's Guide, which will... Full Bio
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Karate Grading – 1st Kyu

Today Tineladia and I went to test for our First Kyu belt in Karate. The test was shorter than normal, but intense.  We both passed. I got a...

Judo Lesson 6 – Pre Competition

This week’s lesson was interesting. Most of the senior grade students were getting ready for a Judo competition in Bradford.  Those students...

Reducing Clutter in Your Twitter Stream

Whether you use Twitter for social purposes, professional networking, or corporate outreach, there’s a good chance that you’ve ended up...

Judo Lesson 5 – Ippon Seio Nage

This lesson, we both got back on the mat, and worked sweeps and throws. It was a fairly intense lesson, with front somersaults and handsprings...

Judo Lesson 4

So, after a week off to let my toe recover, I went back to training.  Tineladia had to skip this week because of their broken little toe, but...

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