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Hi, I am Lenna and I am blogging over at Vegan Lenna about my journey to the ultimate healthy lifestyle, about food and fitness, about being vegan in a not so vegan-friendly country, about psychological issues and about anything that crosses my mind.
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College dorm blues

Wow, hard to believe this is my first post in December! I just came back from an awesome zumba class (who would have thought I could dance to...

Wait…somebody stole all your pictures, didn´t they?

Hi, it´s been a long time since we last spoke together! Actually I wanted to write a post yesterday and also the day before…not that I had...

Blog post therapy for one nervous girl

Ufff, I spent the whole weekend at school (35 hours of classes in 3 days!) and Monday and Tuesday were filled with work (12 hours a day), so I...

You know you want to know something more about me

Hello, how are you enjoing your Thursday? Thanksgiving anyone? Well, definitely not for me, still this day is quite enjoyable. I attended two...

How to learn molecular gastronomy while sitting on a bus

Today I woke up at 5 a.m. In the super bad morning light, I took a picture of my breakfast (overnight banana oats with walnuts, cocoa and...

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Welcome with applause, Cheers!
Sep 26 2011 by Carol Dunlop
Welcome Lenna, I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the Vegan lifestyle. I know it can be challenging :)