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Jersey City, New Jersey
Leah Guy is a Producer, TV Host, Writer and passionista for inspired, healthy living. She is the Editor-In-Chief of, Host & Executive producer of, and author of Life's a Gift, and Sexy Secrets for Radiant Beauty, Naturally. Leah writes a monthly... Full Bio
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Flax to the Max!

Do you ever have those days that you feel just “not quite right”? Your appetite is never satisfied, you wonder if your diet is good enough – are...

Wanna BEAT the Sugar?

I was born with more than a sweet tooth. More like a carb-craving, sugar-addicted soul. It’s been the most difficult thing to control in my diet –...

3 Areas of Health

  People expect that as a health writer/TV personality, I’ll give tips on diet, supplements & exercise. I do, but not exclusively. While it’s true...

Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils used as therapy provide a whopping protection against viruses, bacterial infections, depression, weight gain and an over-anxious...

Emotional Freedom

  I can't help but notice as I write this review for Emotional Freedom, by Dr. Judith Orloff, that at this particular moment, I'm not feeling so...

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Mar 19 2009 by Leah G.
I had an amazing time speaking at the Athena awards last week in KY. There are so many inspiring, amazing people dedicated to improving the lives of our youth and society. Then I went to a fabulous school and spent time with the most innovative, passionate principal - got to share my book and the joys of writing and painting with the children. What a gift.


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