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More Mindless Mommy Babble

Hmmmm… What to blog about?  Oh, I know! TAYLOR! What ever did I blog about before this precious child entered my life? Here...

5 Months!

Miss Taylor is 5 months old already!  This really does go SO fast!   Every month that goes by she gets to be more and more fun!   ...

Pearlie Girl {hair decor}

Jen was nice enough to send me a few of her beautiful headbands for Taylor to try out.  Her designs are all beautiful and unique.   ...

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Sep 11 2009 by Holly
How do you become a member of a Well Page? Trying to figure it out...
Sep 11 2009 by Holly
I just joined the other day.
Sep 11 2009 by Holly
Well, hey you! ;)

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