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When I found out that my heart was failing in October 2007, I found myself with a large list of phone calls to make and return, and continue to do so with each new piece of information. enter: this blog. come here for the latest. About me: I am 27, I live in NYC, and I am on a non-stop quest for... Full Bio
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A Thank You

My name is Pamela Del Vecchio – I am the mother of Lauren Del Vecchio-Zaleski. On July 19, 2013, I held Lauren in my arms as she took her last...

In loving memory of Lauren Zaleski

My name is Thomas, I am Lauren’s (the author of this blog) husband. It saddens me to say that Lauren passed away on July 19th. I am honored to...

Mind Over Medicine

I love when I discover a member of the heal yourself tribe!  And of course, who else would lead me to this glowing goddess but Kris Carr in her...

Recovery Mode

It’s been a couple weeks since my surgery and I’m finally feeling like myself again.  The swelling is down, I am allowed to shower, and I am no...

Printing Organs

3-D Printing for Organs! It’s articles like this one that inspire me and give me hope. I’ve been reading more and more like this one every day...

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Hi Lauren my name is Paizon an I’m 25 years old I know just what you’re going through I was born with a heart problem and had numerous heart surgery. October 28 2010 I had an ICD to replace my pacemaker.

Mar 16 2010 by Q1859
how can I eat healthy? what are the foods that i must eat?
Feb 21 2010 by PAMANN605

To my beautiful blogger daughter, Lauren--

I am so proud of you.  Your courage is inspiring.  I believe in you and your never ending quest for a healthy future.  I wish you peace, health and happiness.  Love, Mom  xo