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Lauren N.

Eatontown, New Jersey
Hi! My name is Lauren. I am 29 years old and have had Crohn's nearly all my life. After years of failed attempt to rely on healing with medication, I have turned to diet to help my body heal and alleviate the symptoms that have been troubling me all my life. I created this blog to share with you... Full Bio
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Oct 25 2011 by Peter D.
Thanks :) I have an idea - I will translate my blog, but I need you, because the online translater is not too good. What do you think? Could you help me? I will be happy, if you're gonna say: YES! ;)))
Oct 25 2011 by Lauren N.
I love the raw hedgehog! Its super cute. Is there anyway I can translate your blog into english? I want to read :)
Oct 25 2011 by Peter D.
the raw hedgehog ;)
Oct 25 2011 by Peter D.
I hope that you will like the hedgehog :)
Oct 25 2011 by Peter D.
I think you have a good page :)