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I'm Lauren Kaminsky, a 26-year-old who is passionate about many things, and still trying to figure out exactly what I want to be when I grow up. I love empowering young women, training for and participating in triathlons (because calling what I do racing is a stretch), and giving a voice to all... Full Bio
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From 0 to 8: Event Weekend in the Hospital

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the hospital were a blur of people and emotions. Team Challenge was racing in Chicago 13.1, just a few miles...

From 0 to 8: Admitted.

Where were we? Ah yes, I was taking my sweet time telling all of you about my hospital stay, as if someone cares about all the details...

From 0 to 8: Packing My Hospital Bag

So, when we left off, I told you that my doctor had basically given my intestines 48 hours to pull it together . It was seriously bad...

From 0 to 8: How I Wound Up in the Hospital

If you follow me on Facebook , you probably know by now that I had a pretty eventful June. And not eventful like I’d hoped. Last I wrote, I had...

Updated: 30 before 30

I celebrated my twenty-ninth birthday on a beach in February… which means I am quickly approaching 30! Back when I wrote the original 30 before...

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Lauren K. wrote on Heather A.'s Whiteboard. Oct 06 2011
Heather A. and Lauren K. are now friends. Oct 06 2011
Heather A. and Lauren K. are now friends. Oct 06 2011
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Oct 14 2011 by Heather A.
Lauren I had a doctor appt today with my GI, and he wants to start me on Mercaptopurine....all the research I've done so far looks grim, as far as the side effects and potential risks.  Do you know anything about this drug, or have you or anyone you know taken this drug....Thanks for any information.
Oct 06 2011 by Heather A.

I did register with CCFA, last week.  Upon registering I found a IBD seminar on Nov 5th at local hospital-I am so looking forward to it.