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18 Years and 18 Wishes

It was December 31st of 1996 when I first fell suddenly ill with mononucleosis.   I never recovered, and was later diagnosed with the neuro-immune...

Spring and New Things

"I am thankful that in a troubled world no calamity can prevent the return of spring." -- Helen Keller I have always loved the shift of...

Some Resources for Those who are Bedridden

Years ago, when I first became housebound (and eventually bedridden) with ME, I had very few places to turn.  I was living alone at the time,...

Through a Window

Last spring and early summer, I was able to lie outside for an hour or two for the first time in nearly three years.  It felt glorious.  I...

Awareness Video (Revised): What is ME/CFS?

A few years ago, I created a short, informational video in the hopes of increasing awareness about ME/CFS -- the extremely serious and...

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