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The author of "Eating With Your Anorexic" and director of F.E.A.S.T. is a mom on a mission to dispel the myths associated with anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. An advocate of the family-based Maudsley approach, Collins thinks parents deserve to know that EDs are brain... Full Bio
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Australian families mark your calendars!

Have you heard yet about the eating disorder conference for parents and carers coming up in May 2013? This is a collaboration between F.E.A.S.T....

How do you get an anorexia patient to eat?

The question seems so obvious and yet so impossible: food is medicine for the psychological symptoms of eating disorders but HOW? The patient...

I think it is murder

People are talking about recent cases where judges have been asked to decide whether gravely ill anorexia patients can be "allowed" to die...

research study to consider

I encourage parents to consider research study participation to help build evidence-base in the eating disorder field. Whether to participate is...

Double tragedy

That Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer have died is a tragedy for their loving family, but the continued misguided coverage of their lives is ongoing...
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