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Training with Whole Foods (& Nike SF Entry Giveaway!)

Thanks again to Whole Foods Northern California , I am very pleased to announce this week’s giveaway: 2 lucky winners will each receive a...

Rapid Race Recovery

Yes, I am addicted to racing ( here are 13 reasons why ); however, races are extremely hard on my body. In training I don’t push myself like I...

Race Recap: SF Marathon (2nd half)

“I’ve been injured since February, just started running again in June, not on asphalt, just dirt and grass and no hills at all, just flats,...

Giveaway: Entries to the Color Run 5K!

(ADDENDUM, 7/29/14: Winners may chose ANY location The Color Run runs that isn’t sold out and occurs after 8/4/14.) This year, the...

The Journey to 40

I guess the sum of the last 39 years are technically my journey to 40 but it’s really just hit me in the last few months that this is...

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