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Latham Centers

Brewster, Massachusetts
Latham Centers offers nationally known, innovative treatment for Prader-Willi Syndrome in a tranquil and beautiful setting on Cape Cod. Latham Centers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are are approved, as a private needs school by The Massachusetts Department of Elementary &... Full Bio
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Visiting at Latham

Well, I have to ring the doorbell for access to my old office and to be honest, that will take some getting used to. I have had the pleasure...

Latham Dedicates Campus Schoolhouse the McNamara-Long Schoolhouse

Yesterday Latham Centers dedicated its campus schoolhouse for children with complex special needs the McNamara-Long Schoolhouse....

PWS Conference News

What an amazing week for conferences! Over the weekend I had the honor of speaking at the Ontario PWS Association in Toronto . I met new...

Latham Works: Latham Students Volunteer at Brewster Ladies Library

Every Wednesday, Ben, Diane, and Rachel volunteer at Brewster Ladies Library. Over the past five weeks, our students have been cleaning...

TIP of the WEEK: The Trouble with Consequences

When our kids act out in school or in the community it isn't unusual for people unfamiliar with the syndrome to turn to consequences to...
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