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Hopeworks Community is a multi-faceted site that covers many aspects of bipolar disorder as well as other mental health issues. Included are bipolar, recovery, support, suicide prevention, advocacy, depression stigma and others. Hopeworks Community has been featured on many other sites... Full Bio
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On the mental health system of poor people

hopeworkscommunity : This post was written a couple of years ago about the closing of the state hospital in Knoxville. Many of the...

On the fraud of Murphy

The Murphy Bill has gotten a free pass on one issue, both by those who have issue with it and those who support it.  He paints the crisis in the...

Gun Violence? Blame the “Frustrated Entitled” | Trauma Informed Systems

Gun Violence? Blame the “Frustrated Entitled” | Trauma Informed Systems ...


hopeworkscommunity : From the archives Originally posted on Hopeworks Community : Hafrada is a Hebrew word. It is...

Both/And: Dbsa President Allen Doderlain visits Tennessee

Over the last 3 days DBSA president Allen Doerderlain has visited Tennessee. Linda and I have had the pleasure to be his traveling companions...

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Thank you for accepting my friend request!  I look forward to reading more about you! :)  ((HUGS)) Christine
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I am so glad to be here.  Do not really understand how it works yet.