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Having been overweight most of my life, over the past number of years I’ve seen a dramatic increase. I, without deliberation, let life get the better of me through extensive stress and extenuating circumstances. Now, I am going after getting in shape and getting healthy while doing what I... Full Bio
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13 Wednesday Jun 2012 Posted by Sheri in ≈...

I’ve Moved Come check out the new digs!

Have you wondered where I’ve been?

One night last week I was participating in an online webinar. It was dark outside, the blinds were open, and the balcony where I was sitting...

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Feb 28 2009 by BwayMeadowlark
Hi there! I was just looking at your Blogspot page, and I noticed that you've made some great progress in your weight loss journey so far! Congrats! You are an inspiration to the rest of us!

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