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Boston mom of two daughters, wife, education consultant, lover of yoga, the beach and spending time with my family. My oldest daughter carries an autism diagnosis and I have gotten to know the ins and outs of speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, ABA therapy and the amazing... Full Bio
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Today, we talk about ringtones.  I've had my phone for a while and never did a fun ringtone.  Whatcha got?

November 3

3 in a row, we're getting somewhere!  So of course it's late, and I'm beyond ready for bed.  But I wanted to jump on so as not to break the...

November 2

Well, it seems that some of you are still here!  I'm very happy about that and appreciate the questions.  Since I am rusty at this, AND because I...

November 1

Ohhh no your eyes do not deceive you nor is this a joke.  It's November 1, and for the past, oh, at least five years I've at least attempted...

Happy campers

So remember yesterday when I told you that the girls were starting camp today? Well, they did and here they are on their way in. They were so...
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