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Ladies Who Lift Team

Women who enjoy strength training and aren't afraid to use weights! Women won't bulk up, so don't be afraid to lift heavier. All ages and fitness levels come cheer each other on! Team Members: 3 Team Goals: Exercise, Strength training
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What's your best chest & triceps exercise? Mine is incline chest press with dumbbells and dipping. But I also do bench press or butterfly, pull ...
Dec 18 2008 11:10pm
Personally i do love pushups, dumbell chest flyes on the medicine ball, dumbell... more
Mar 24 2009 1:33am
Do you belong to a gym? I don't belong to a gym currently.  I have a bowflex and free weights at home to work out with. ...
Dec 05 2008 8:33am
I join a gym near my house. I mostly have treadmill for warming up, then continued by... more
Dec 17 2008 6:48pm