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Women who enjoy strength training and aren't afraid to use weights! Women won't bulk up, so don't be afraid to lift heavier. All ages and fitness levels come cheer each other on! Team Members: 3 Team Goals: Exercise, Strength training
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What's your best chest & triceps exercise?

Posted by Fanda

Mine is incline chest press with dumbbells and dipping. But I also do bench press or butterfly, pullover, overhead triceps extentsion and triceps kickbacks.
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For my chest, I love plain old pushup or dumbbell chest flyes.


Triceps  - I always feel bench dips the next day!

 i used to do all chest exercise with breathing exercise. with the elbow and neck bendig.

inhale and come up with elblo and shoulder stretched and neck straight. it good.helps increase expansion of chest.

Personally i do love pushups, dumbell chest flyes on the medicine ball, dumbell pullovers, cable crossovers, inclined chest press, and push up plyometric style with the push up into the air, and when doing the push up using the 4-1-2 tempo for maximum results.
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