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Sedalia, Missouri
Linda Fisher, Sedalia, MO, is the author and editor of Alzheimer’s Anthology of Unconditional Love. Proceeds from the book are donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. She speaks to Alzheimer’s groups, support groups, civic organizations, and writing groups.   Her book... Full Bio
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Oct 02 2009 by Brenda Avadian

Linda, I loved your Sep 28 blog entry: Put My House in Order



Oct 02 2009 by L.S.Fisher
I still have a huge inventory at my house. Someday I'm going to have to part with some of my collectibles and a whole lot of junk! I didn't have time to get rid of things, I only had time to put them in plastic tubs. Maybe this winter...
Oct 01 2009 by Brenda Avadian

Linda, how are you doing on the clean-up? I can understand. After the Station Fire scare where we packed a fraction of our treasures to evacuate, I think I need fewer things!

If you're interested see both news articles in Sept at:

Sep 30 2009 by Bob DeMarco

Thanks for writing on my whiteboard.

I am familiar with your blog.

I am interested in having you contribute an article to the Alzheimer's Reading Room.



Sep 09 2009 by L.S.Fisher

So much for relaxing--I started sorting through old statements, paid bills, etc. yesterday. My living room looks like a landfill right now, but I've already destroyed a box of things I don't need.

Sep 06 2009 by Karen Henley
Linda, you go girl and enjoy your relaxing time.
Sep 05 2009 by L.S.Fisher

Thanks, Mariah. Sorry about your mother. My husband had early onset dementia--cortical basal ganglionic degeneration. I wish you the best.

Linda Fisher

Sep 04 2009 by judyscaregiver
hi L.S. I am Mariah, Judys caregiver.  Judy is my mother with dementia. people get mixed up a lot with the name thing. Its all good.
Sep 04 2009 by L.S.Fisher

Karen, I have a tendency to work on my lunch hour too. There just aren't enough hours in the day. What I'm hoping for a relaxing lunch hour! Maybe take my book to the park or something instead of errands. I KNOW you are overloaded with work, caregiving, and life in general. But if you don't take care of yourself, who is going to take care of your husband?

Sep 03 2009 by Karen Henley
Funny thing about those "stress breaks". I go to an EOAD support meeting each month (we meet for dinner) and that very same subject came up. I lost it because I realized that it's something I just cannot do. I work full time, still have children in school and when I get home I am my husband's caregiver. By the time he's in bed, I'm exhausted. The ONLY time I have for myself (and it's not even consistant) is my lunch hour. When I don't have errands to run at lunchtime, I read. That's the extent of my stress break. Good luck to you with yours and thank you for thinking of me.