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Sedalia, Missouri
Linda Fisher, Sedalia, MO, is the author and editor of Alzheimer’s Anthology of Unconditional Love. Proceeds from the book are donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. She speaks to Alzheimer’s groups, support groups, civic organizations, and writing groups.   Her book... Full Bio
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Life Is Short, Live It

Love is rare, grab it. A few days ago, I came across a saying that really struck home with me: “Life is short, live it. Love is...

You Are My Sunshine: Vitamin D and Alzheimer’s

What’s not to love about bright sunshiny summer days? Here it is summer and some of us have been soaking up the rays whether at the beach, the...

Good News for Boomers: Decline in Alzheimer’s Risk

The Silver Tsunami moves ahead with full force, alarms blaring and warning whistles screeching. What will be the plight of the aging Boomer...

PTSD and Combat Increase Alzheimer’s Risk

When it comes to war, we often worry about our loved one’s safety and pray they will come home unharmed. It doesn’t usually happen that way....

Never Underestimate the Power of Love

The puppy came to his door on a cold winter night, shivering, whimpering, and a few timid barks. She knew she needed help, but was afraid she...

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Oct 02 2009 by Brenda Avadian

Linda, I loved your Sep 28 blog entry: Put My House in Order



Oct 02 2009 by L.S.Fisher
I still have a huge inventory at my house. Someday I'm going to have to part with some of my collectibles and a whole lot of junk! I didn't have time to get rid of things, I only had time to put them in plastic tubs. Maybe this winter...
Oct 01 2009 by Brenda Avadian

Linda, how are you doing on the clean-up? I can understand. After the Station Fire scare where we packed a fraction of our treasures to evacuate, I think I need fewer things!

If you're interested see both news articles in Sept at:


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