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Aug 13 2009 by l.ello

I have had chronic pain for over a year now. I have pain behind my left eye and above my left eyebrow that runs across my cheekbone into my ear and down my neck sometimes it make my left are useless very numb. I have had serveral CT scans and MRI with contrast without I also had MRA and several other tests all say nothing except one MRI shows 2 white spots on my left frontal lobe of my brain which the doctor said would not be causing this kind of pain. I have had it monitored for about 8 months now and now changes to the spots. I have been prescribed every pain pill possible and all that did was land me in the hospital with an intestional problem. All I know is I wake up every day in pain I go to sleep every night in pain I try to ignore it through the say but I sometimes find myself screaming in my head. I have gained 20 pounds and and starting to get to the end of my rope. The only thing they have come up with is TMJ. Does anyone out there have this or feel this way with TMJ.




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