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knoxville, Tennessee
I am single mother of 2 who would like to loose at least 100 to 125 pounds. At one point I had lost a majority of that. After I had my son, I gained all of that back plus some, but now I am determined to do something about this not only for me but for my children as well
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knoxville, Tennessee
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Apr 08 2008 by YiraBella

Hello Kyla

You have taken a very important step today, and that is to ask for help in you journey to weightloss and a better health.  Don't get discouraged, stay with us and stay focused.  Soon you will begin to see results.

First thing you have to do is begin by setting small goals.  The average person should loose 1-2.5 lbs per week, no more.  However, whenever you begin a new exercise and nutrition program you will likely loose a few more lbs.  Don't let that be your goal, that is just your body reacting to the changes and most of it is water loss.  After that you will level off at about 2 lbs per week, some weeks more some less.  That's OK because what you want to achieve is a healthy body and the ability to stay focused on a nutrition and exercise program that fits your lifestyle.

Your second step is to begin an exercise program if you are not already doing that.  It can be as easy as walking, dancing with the kids, using what's available to you at home.  A better option is to join a gym and take advantage of their personal trainers or fitness trainers.  Most gyms offer a few free opportunities with someone to teach you how to use the machines and to answer questions.

Finally, in this first part of your journey is to stay committed and focused.  You know you need to do this but not because your family is on you to do it, not because summer is coming, not even because you want to wear a certain, you need to do this because your health is at steak and I know you want to be able to enjoy every minute of your children's life--full of energy and vitality.

So lets get to it and don't look back, its going to be a fun ride!  Are you ready?

I'll be in touch again soon!

Stay well,

Spin Diva 


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