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Heather Haynes, MA, is a writer and health educator working in the field of holistic health and nutrition.  She is passionate about the health and wellness of children and believes there are many building blocks to our health including;  food, air, water, and movement.  She is... Full Bio
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Teens and Lipstick: How to Avoid Hormone Disruptors

Like it? Share it! How to Avoid Hormone Disruptors in Lipstick I remember my strong desire to start wearing makeup as a...

5 Ingredients to Avoid in Body Lotion (and what to use instead)

Like it? Share it! Has the dry winter weather done a number on your skin? I hear ya…  dry skin is my nemesis.  I’m sure I...

DIY Coconut Sugar Lip Scrub

Like it? Share it! DIY Coconut Sugar Lip Scrub As winter lingers on and on… our skin begins to feel the effects of the cold,...

10 Things Kids of Crunchy Moms Say

Like it? Share it! 10 Things Kids of Crunchy Moms Say Sometimes I forget how crunchy we are. I mean, I write about holistic...

4 Reasons Gelatin is a Kid-friendly SUPERFOOD.

Like it? Share it! 4 Reasons Gelatin is a Kid-friendly SUPER Food. Gelatin  is something we introduced into our diets a few...

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