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A contract with a natural health company in the late 1990s offered Krizia an incredible life-changing opportunity to be exposed to the power of detoxification, as not only a means of cleansing the system, but also as an effective method of cell-rejuvenation. During that time she also became fully... Full Bio
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Apr 27 2010 by Krizia MissK
Minnow312, I take the healthy skin with Greens+ and take it once per day in the morning.
Apr 27 2010 by Minnow312
Hi! I was looking at the Sam Graci video about Greens+ Bone Builder. How many times a day do you take it. It only has 500 mg of calcium - so do you take it 2 or 3 times a day. I couldn't find that info on the bottle. Thanks!

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