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Rochester, New Hampshire
My health, and the health of Mother Nature, have been important to me since high school. It was then that I became a vegetarian (I'm now a vegan) and bought my first cloth bag (I now sell my own "Made in the USA" cloth bags through my company at
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What’s with all the big-kid bullies?

With all the attention surrounding the case of the South Hadley bullies (a bunch of unhappy high schoolers in Massachusetts who allegedly...

Ready for the Food Revolution?

Forget the “War on Obesity.” There’s already a “War on Healthy Eating.” As a soldier for truth and tofu, I know of what I speak: I take the...

Is your mind like concrete?

While enjoying a walk this beautiful, blue-skied morning, I passed a business with a sign out front that said this: Some minds are like concrete:...

Should you really be thanking “G” it’s Friday?

There’s only one food group that shouldn’t have to provide its nutritional information: Everything Mother Nature herself creates. A peach,...

Do you think Kris Carr would ever read this blog?

To the witty, wild, and oh-so-wise Kris Carr This past Friday, I had my own miracle on the Hudson—on the Hudson River Valley, that is. I walked...
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