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Kristy W.

San Jose, California
I am a wife and mother who holds a full time job at a local state University. I started competing in Figure in 2009. The title "Ready in 5 weeks" comes from one of my previous trainers who was always amazed at the fact that I can start a strict diet and lose the amount of bodyfat I... Full Bio
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Jul 21 2010 by Amy
Thanks so much Kristy!  I have been reading some things.  And I agree, there is a lot of stresses that come in and out of our lives.  And with GAD its not fun.  I have totally decided to not live with it, but to accept it.  And let it go.  I hope that on my page as well, people will find something that might help them.  Thank you again, and best wishes! Amy
Jul 12 2010 by Kristy W.
I LOVE summer!