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Kristy V.

Vashon Island, Washington
I have returned to University as an adult student and after many attempts, am finally getting it right. I am pursuing an education in Nutrition Sciences but will first have to jump through a few hoops to transfer from my current major, which is Chemistry. I believe wellness is an endless pursuit. I believe in holding yourself to the highest standards. I believe in forgiving yourself. I believe in setting goals and never ceasing to seek for that which makes you the happiest; selflessly. I... Full Bio
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Apr 18 2009 by Kristy V.

I have been out of control and undoubtably gained the weight that I worked so hard to lose. Only about 7 pounds but it was full effort while going to school, and working and it seems to take longer than ever before (aging! grrr). Amidst this, I feel so stressed- emotionally, mentally, physically and I am trying to see the end of this final term.

 I went grocery shopping and got all the good stuff! I know what to do, and I do like to eat well...I just seem to self sabatage. I am working on that.

Apr 03 2009 by jtracym


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Apr 03 2009 by jtracym


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Jan 10 2009 by Kristy V.
I am staying positive and focussed on my school while making healthy choices...but I am very sad. So, one day at a time.
Dec 12 2008 by Jill Knapp

 Hi Kristy, Great skin starts with a skin program. Cleaning, a toner or tonic and than Moisturizer.These should be done morning and night.

We should also use a Facial Scrub as needed to exfoliate. Also   

drinking water can keep Skin Healthy and Glowing



Dec 07 2008 by Kristy V.

Last night was my staff Christmas party. I made some good choice, and some bad choices at the meal; but I am ready for a workout today.

Dec 05 2008 by Kristy V.
I made some good, nutritious choices today despite and incredible desire to eat a DairMilk bar. Christmas season is just around the corner and more than anything- I just do not want to gain any weight. I'm not going to do anything crazy and try to lose loads of weight over the season, but I will not gain. I know all too easy how easy it is to gain; and hard to lose. So...I am eating salads and avoiding the cravings.
Dec 04 2008 by Linda is loosing pounds

thanks im okay i hpe you too

lose pounds together 

Dec 03 2008 by shixianli

hi,kristy,I am glad to be your friend forever....

Dec 03 2008 by Kristy V.
I am just entering my final exams and of course, my exercise has taken a backseat. Okay. I have not been consistently active for far too long and I cannot blame my academic schedule. I am soon to be beginning my career on a professional level and it is high time I start to take more care in being a healthy role model. If I so desire others to experience the benefits of healthy habits, why do I not want the same for myself- or expect the same from myself? I feel like my body is so craving a good, long run!