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Hi! I'm Kristy. I'm 32, a Human Nutrition student and writer on all things to do with nutrition and wellness over at What I found through my studies (both formal and informal) and my experiences is that what works is not a fad diet but a holistic eating and lifestyle... Full Bio
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My IVF Journey

I had some more bad news this morning. We’d been happily having breakfast, mucking around in the kitchen with Eddie and it was nearing 8am so I...

Why you should add a cheat meal to your diet plan

My personality is such that I instinctively push against what I’m ‘supposed to do’. This is why my husband and I have huge arguments when we go...

How to create a supercharged affirmation

When you want to make a change in life the first step is to get clear on why you want to do it. Really clear. Not the surface, ‘for show’...

Slow Cooker Baked Beans

I had a tin of baked beans for lunch the other day. I haven’t had beans in a long time and I was really looking forward to them. I’m not sure...

Happy, Hot & Fertile – Week 1 – The Basics

Happy, Hot & Fertile is the new program I’m currently in the process of creating. It’s based on research, self-experimentation and sharing so...

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