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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I have been running since September 2010. I never thought I could be a runner and now it's something I can't imagine living without! I will be running my first marathon in November 2011 and hope to pursue ultrarunning beyond that. My philosophy on life is that no day should be wasted. Life is too... Full Bio
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Back to Racing

Exciting news - I signed up for a race! On Sunday, March 30th I will be running the inaugural Philadelphia Love Run, a half marathon. It will be...

Searching for Strong Once Again

I never know how to start a post after a long hiatus. So, let's skip the pleasantries and jump right in. I AM RUNNING. Not a lot and not...

The Last Eight Weeks

Hello! It's been a while. Last time I checked in I had just DNF'd my first race and was dealing with piriformis syndrome . Sadly, eight weeks...

Piriformis Syndrome: A Literal Pain in the Butt

First of all, thank you for the kind, supportive comments on my last post. Dropping from a race is never fun and certainly not something any of...

D to the N to the F

I'm not even sure how to start this post. It's one I hoped I'd never have to write. Sadly I had to drop out of the Lehigh Valley Marathon...

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