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Kristin B.

Cincinnati, Ohio
15 years ago I was asked for the very first time in my life "Who am I?"  by my Freshman Philosophy Professor at Miami University, Oxford. I clearly didn't have a clue given that I only received a B+ on that term paper. Over the years, I not only know with great conviction Who I am, but What I want... I want to continue to experience great joy, love and happiness.  In order to have all of those wonderful things....this weight loss journey must continue.  I gain... Full Bio
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Jul 29 2010 by Amy
I am doing pretty good thank you Kristin. And You are very welcome.  I have learned some new tricks. and have a couple great tips.  Drink lots of water, and I am finding that every day for 20 minutes I walk. Sometimes in my neighborhood, sometimes on the tredmill.  And I have lost 3 lbs. But my tip for you today, is eat healthy, love yourself, no matter what. and 20 minutes everyday give your body that time. You will see the reward! Keep Smiling
Jul 23 2010 by Amy
I have to say Kristin.. that you are truly an inspiration!! You go girl.. and kick some arse on that journey!!! You can do it... just keep the faith in yourself!!!
Jul 21 2010 by mznikkiey
Hey There!! OMg it has been sooooooooooooo hard Im so dying for a piece of cheese cake bcz this yogurt is not hitting the spot lol but im not caving into it Im still holding out though thnx for chkn on me ttyl