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Could I forget my kids have Fragile X? Probably not.

I read a blog post earlier about a mother of a son with Down Syndrome who had a cashier make an ignorant comment to her about prenatal testing. ...

My baby is FOURTEEN today!

It happens every day.  Kids get older in a blink of an eye and moms are left wondering how did he get so old?!  That is what I am wondering...

Learning something of my own

I read this cool story on Huffington Post this morning. It reminded me of something that happened on a smaller scale yesterday with Blake. He was...

Ceiling fan

We haven't put our window air conditioners in yet.  The boys came home from school, and I decided I was going to put their ceiling fans on.  Blake...


We had our first practice for Sluggers Little League today.  The first couple years, Drew didn't play at all.  Then he was on Arbaclofen and he...

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