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Hi, I'm Kristi! I'm a veterinarian and blogger living in Phoenix Arizona. I want to inspire others to live healthy, balanced lives. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at - I would love to hear from you.
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How to Receive Love

This post was inspired by my Meditation Moments series. (For those of you subscribed to that series this is going to be slightly...

Be The Gentle Witness To Your Emotions

For so long before I knew how to really witness my emotions I used to allow them to take me down. I would get so caught up in whatever I...

Have Faith & Keep Going

  Good things take time. I’ve been thinking about these words ever since I saw this come across my Instagram feed yesterday....

New Series: Meditation Moments

Hello friends! I’m so excited to bring you a new series I’ve been working on… Earlier this year, I launched my very first daily...

How to Receive Your Heart’s Desire

The Universe will deliver your heart’s desire when you open your arms and are ready to receive it. Take a second to soak that one in....

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