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greenfield, Wisconsin
My name is Kristi, I am 23 and I currently live in Wisconsin. I recently started blogging about what I eat and a healthy lifestyle for me after dropping about 40 pounds. Take a few minutes to check it out!
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The top Five Artists/Bands that Made Great Oldies Music

Over the last few days, I have been pondering what artist/band made great oldies music. Agree with me or not, these artists/band had a huge...

DIY-Yarn Trees

Good Morning Everyone! I have found yet another DIY project that I am going to try out! Seriously, how cute are these: I’ll post...

Trendy Thursday

Hey all! Here’s another addition to Trendy Thursday. Lately, I have been on a comfortable clothing streak so I found one that is both...

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes: Rosemary Roasted Cashews

Here’s yet another tasty appetizer: Rosemary Roaster Cashews. I have made these using walnuts and pecans before as well. My husband is a huge...

DIY-Ornament Wreath

Hey Everyone! I thought I would share a cute DIY project that I found (This will be the first of many). It’s easy and much cheaper than...

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