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food/exercise 12/29...

e: .5mile warm-up run, 2 minute incline warm-up run, 6 sets 10 relay sprints, 4 sets 60 elevated squat/steps with ab work between sets, jump-rope,...

what i ate today: food/exercise 12/28.

e: 4.12 miles speed interval/hill run, abs/back. f: breakfast: an apple. lunch: home-made carrot-ginger soup, with...

food/exercise 11/5.

e: 4.18 mile speed/hill interval run, .5 mile warm-up/cool down run, upper body lift, abs/back. f: breakfast: banana, 2 kashi waffles with...

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Eat healthy Last update: 28 Dec 2008 » View progress
kristen k.'s Whiteboard
Apr 21 2008 by Larissa

Hi Kristen,

I've been following your progress and it looks like your doing great with your goals. Keep it up!