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Hi, I'm Kristen and my sister, Megan and I are experiencing firsthand the challenges and frustrations of dealing with Alzheimer's Disease. At age 65, our Dad started showing signs of Dementia and now at age 70 he has moderate to severe Alzheimer's (depending on the day). We started a blog to... Full Bio
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Persistence Pervails!

I had persistently been visiting Dad's Doctor's office over the past two months hoping to speak with the Doctor about changing the cause of death...

First Request - Denied

The Mortuary called me last Tuesday morning, as planned, with the news that the Doctor refused their request to have the cause of death changed. ...

Changing the Cause of Death...

The cause of death on Dad's death certificate is still bothering me.  It's actually doing more than that... it brings me to tears of frustration...

Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum in D.C.

My Trip to D.C. was everything I hoped it would be and more.  The first two days were spent 'training' for our final day on Capitol Hill.  There...

Dad is not an official statistic!

Shortly after Dad's death (like a day after), I already began wondering what his death certificate would say.  I guess you could say I became...

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