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Kristen D.

Fairfield, Connecticut
Hello all! I'm the moderator for the Recreation and Endurance Training communities, and the communities that are included within them, as well as the tennis community. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or write on my whiteboard. I'm a woman who loves the outdoors, whether I'm walking, riding a bike, hiking, swimming or anything else. I love sports, even more than my boyfriend how often does that happen?! I'm a tennis fan through and through, and I enjoy... Full Bio
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Oct 09 2012 by QMZubair
Hi Dear . I want To frendship with You 
Jan 15 2010 by Andrew K.

Hi Kristen,

The Running of the Bulls race is annual race. This year it's on May 9, 2010. I've run in it three times now and it was a lot of fun. You would enjoy it.



Feb 02 2009 by Chester M.
Hi, I'm staff here at Stanford. Since you're the moderator I'd like to let you know that I started a mini-boot camp team here at Stanford for the community. You can check my account and if you know of anyone personally that wants to join us we are very open for newcomers. Thanks!