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Thanksgiving in Wine Country

About 3 weeks before IMAZ Shane & I were chatting over some wine on a Sunday... Isn't this how all plans start? Shane needed to spend some time...

Ironman Arizona Part 2!

As I type this post I'm sitting in my recovery boots snuggled up to my dogs on the couch trying to remember what normal legs feel like, or how...


Yesterday was my first ever trip to a med tent, all inclusive with an IV.  Not exactly how things were supposed to go, but hey, we ask a lot of...

catching up!

Here we are almost 2 weeks passed our arrival back from CDA, and still trying to catch up!  I actually got to do some of that today. Analyze...

cake AND ice cream

I'm probably going to shoot myself for putting this post out there, but it's been in my head so many times I figured, eh, why not!? That said, if...

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