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Ironman CDA, the race on the surface of the sun

I wanted to get this post out while it's still fresh on my mind, pain in my body and a slight hangover from yesterday's celebration. Ironman is...

When it rains....

It's been almost a month since my last post and I feel like my life has completely changed.  I can honestly say this has been one, if not the...

Bubba Day

For as long as I can remember we used to call our long run days, Bubba day. Baxter would get to go for a long run and then snuggle with us on the...

Marquee Triathlon

Marquee is kind of our local season opener! Nothing too exciting or different about this race, as pretty much all of our local races circle the...

2015 Scottsdale Camp!

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on my couch, legs in the recovery boots, shantini in hand with a smile on my face thinking about last...

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