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Krista H.

Gilbert, Arizona
My dad is suffering with Alzheimer's Disease. It is my job to get educated on this horrible disease so I can help bring awareness and help find ways to prevent Alzheimer's. Stop by my blog for more information.
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We Say Good Bye To Alzheimer's Forever

I have been holding back from having to do this blog post but decided today was the day. It is way over due. I didn't think it would come so...

Still Hanging On

It's been a while now since I have written anything for this blog. I couldn't face it for some reason. I felt I had nothing good to report....

Expect The Unexpected With Your Alzheimer's Loved One

It has been along while since I last posted anything. Lots of changes recently. The place my dad was living wasn't...

What Is My Purpose?

My dad is still hanging in there. I thought his Alzheimer's would keep progressing rapidly but it seems to have a plateau at this time. My...

Mobile Phone Radiation Protects Against Alzheimer's

This sounds so crazy! What do you think about it? If it protects against Alzheimer's then why is it causing cancer? Click...
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