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I am a fitness aficionado who believes that everyone has the ability to look and feel great. My health blog features a variety of home workout videos as well as nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips that everyone can incorporate in their daily lives. The home workout videos focus on... Full Bio
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The Most Important Factors in the Gym that Often Get Overlooked

When approaching a gym routine, most people will have a fairly good idea of what their time spent working out is going to entail. We’ve all...

Evolving Medicines: Therapies that Are Making a Difference

More than ever before, the world of medicine is evolving to better meet the needs of seniors. Doctors are focusing more than ever on...

How I Built Big Legs and How Skinny Guys Can To

I am the guy on the right with red trunks Believe it or not Ronnie Coleman wasn’t born with legs dubbed ‘quadzilla’. Believe it or not, I...

The Many Rewards of Good Posture

You know you should have good posture. People have been telling you this for years—your mom, grandma, piano teacher,  and even your...

Five Stretches Runners Should be Doing before Every Run

Hamstring Stretch Runners often complain about tightened hamstrings, loosen them up before running with this simple stretch....

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