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Well, we are no celebrities, just a family going through life and it's ups and downs with a special needs child. Our son is diagnosed with Leigh's Disease, a terminal degenerative disorder which is categorized as a mitochondrial disorder... as it eats away at muscle tissue and brain matter. He... Full Bio
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Overdue update and a 22-month anniversary celebration

Lately I’ve been awestruck. The life that modern medicine has afforded us with Braden can be so overwhelming at times it takes my breath...

Birthday goodies and the SuperMOM weariness

So I wanted to take time to thank those of you who gave Braden Amazon gift certificates but weren't quite sure what that would get him. Well I've...

EIGHT IS GREAT!!!! His WARRIOR DNA is winning!!!

Today we celebrate the birth of a true warrior, a fighting spirit and angel on earth - Braden. Last March when we were in the hospital...

365 Reasons to Celebrate

Today marks an anniversary we have never been able to celebrate before... 365 days without a hospital visit!! We came close a few times, but we...

Not your typical New Year's celebration

As you may know by now, nothing is ever "TYPICAL" at our house, not even New Year's. This year, since we are not traveling at the holidays...
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