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Customers Dell inspiron 6400 Battery Experience

Posted Apr 02 2012 7:22am

The fact is, we are looking at safety data every single day, and Dell inspiron 6400 battery did not start when we heard about the incident in Osaka. Our technical support agents are trained to look out for anything that comes up on a call that might be indicative of a safety matter, no matter how small. When we hear about these things, we work with the customer to get them a new replacement system right away, so they can get back up and running. We then work with the customer to get the affected system back to Dell inspiron 6400 battery so we can take a good, hard look at it. Dell has a global safety organization with engineers and experts at our centers around the world. In most of these cases, we are able to determine that the cause of the customer complaint is not a hazard for other customers. Nevertheless, we learn a lot from our customers Dell inspiron 6400 battery experience and we use this information in the future development of our products. Tha's one reason its great having a direct relationship with our customers.

Dell inspiron 6400 Battery
In very rare instances, a real safety hazard does present itself. In these cases, the customer captured Dell inspiron 6400 battery systems are sent through a detailed forensic analysis, kind of like what you would see on Dell has extensive lab capability for these investigations and a lot of the work is done right here. We also work with third-party labs to complete Dell inspiron 6400 battery and verify this analysis, because we value independent outside opinions. In any case, our safety engineers are involved every step of the way.

Analyzing the data is the tricky part Dell inspiron 6400 battery that what brought us to where we are today. Were lucky that in being direct we have access not only to real-time customer data, but also can correlate that information with data from our component supply partners such as Sony, who is the manufacturer of the battery cells in this particular case. We look at product performance data all the time, but we give it extra scrutiny when there is a problem that might impact our customers and their well being. In this case, there was not much to go on, especially considering how few incidents there were in relation to how many notebooks Dell sells as the largest notebook brand worldwide. Since we engage directly with our customers and build every system to each customer's unique order, we know what product we have shipped to whom. We are now focused on communicating to those notebook customers impacted by this recall and making the replacement process as simple as possible. Some might say we are being conservative and even overreacting in taking this broad action, but even one more incident is too many.

On behalf of Dell, Id like to apologize to all affected Dell inspiron 6400 battery customers. Above all else, your safety is important to us. We also understand that the work that you do on your notebook is invaluable to you, and were committed to getting replacement batteries shipped out to you as quickly as we can. To determine if your laptop battery is part of this recall, you can go here. This website will be live shortly after midnight Central Time. This site is now live.  Youll find answers to FAQs and new information as it is available here on Direct2Dell.


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