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Gila Wilderness, New Mexico
I'm an herbalist/herbwife in the Anima Medicine Woman Tradition, which is to say that my practice is focused on local plants, sustainability, whole person/whole plant understandings and earthy, practical ways of teaching people to work with the plants themselves rather than being dependent on... Full Bio
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40 Page July Newsletter for Herbalists

40 Pages-Long  July Newsletter for Folks Interested in Herbs The July issue of the Plant Healer E-Newsletter will be mailed out on...

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Midsummer Wildcrafting: Oregano de la Sierra

Monarda fistulosa var. menthifolia   This time of year in southern New Mexico is dry and every breeze feels as if it’s been...
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Oct 24 2009 by StormWitch
I have to admit i wish i was partnered to a man AND woman too. I am so jealous :P
Oct 24 2009 by StormWitch
I am so curious how you made the transition from prostitute/stripper/drug user living on the streets with your young daughter to medicine woman/teacher/writer in such a short amount of time! Such an inspirational story. I would love to know how you did it!
Oct 29 2008 by kateFS08

Hey Kiva

I work for POM Wonderful and came across your Pomegranate relish recipe. We are currently having a recipe contest featuring dishes using Pomegranates and I would love to have you submit. You can win an official POM blogger positiong and $5000. Go to to submit and let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!

-Kate with POM Wonderful


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