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Kira Ryder

Ojai, California
I am incredibly lucky.  I live in Ojai, Calif.  I teach yoga at our studio, Lulu Bandha's.   I am focused on the opening of my heart, self love and feeling comfortable in my own skin.
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How Am I?

My practice over the last few days has been to ask "How am I?" without answering. To allow the pebble of the question to drop into my lake and...

Hold Me

Yesterday, while practicing with Patricia Sullivan, she wrapped a strap all the way down my legs. My nervous system breathed a sigh of relief. The...

Soft Vinyasa Sequence, Saturday 9:00am. Lulu Bandha's, Calif.

I teach yoga and when I get home I record my sequence.  It helps me become mindful of what I am teaching.  Every Saturday I teach two classes:...

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