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My blog is where I share my every day thoughts on my struggle to lose weight, my problems with PCOS, my anxiety disorder, and depression. I like to include poetry, video's, recipes, product reviews, giveaways and any information regarding the health problems that I suffer from. Oh, and I'm a crazy... Full Bio
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Your skin’s 24-hour cycle (because for skincare, timing is EVERYTHING!)

If I was to force feed you a rich beef stew at 6 am, followed by a roast chicken an hour later, it’s a definite possibility that your...

Why sex is good for your skin. And hair. AND it’s all backed by science!

Last week, when I was ranting to my doctor about a sudden outcrop of acne and dull-as-dishwater complexion, she said all I needed was more...

Beating Depression

Winston Churchill referred to his continuous bouts of depression "the black dog." President Abraham Lincoln, who battled with depression...

Want thicker hair? Munch on this super-powerful beauty food. Bonus: it’s delicious & costs pennies

Blonde or brunette. Paris or New York. Cocktail evening or work meeting. When it come to hair, only one rule holds: thicker is better....

How to Wear Jeans like the Stars

With the cooler temperatures creeping in, people all over the nation are beginning to dust off their winter wardrobe. Selecting the right...

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