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Hey I'm Kimberly just a hometown girl at heart living it up in the world. I gained quite a bit of ahem weight in college and I have struggled with my weight pretty much my entire life. This time around I am losing weight with a Christ centered focus.
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Jun 23 2011 by Kimberly B
Song of the day :: For Love of You by Audrey Assad. 
Jun 17 2011 by tremedicure
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Jun 16 2011 by Brenda S.

Kimberly, I am trying to loose weight also.  I am almost 62 and I need to loose about 40 pounds at least maybe 50 to be at an ideal weight for me. Putting Christ at the center of things just might help us both.  Lets cheer each other on, and maybe we can just do this. Your new friend, Brenda.