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Walking Groups

I was wondering if there are any walking groups here on campus? My co-workers usually have lunch meetings and different work schedules, so I...
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May 04 2008 by Chef Jeff R.
Good job Kim! Show those nasty donuts who is the boss! I know that getting started at the gym is challenging....but you can do it if you carve out a time and then make it a routine. I started going early in the AM for 30 minutes, then I bumped it up to 60 minutes once I was in the routine. Once you start, and you feel good, AND you start losing can't stop! 
Apr 30 2008 by Annie H.
To start, thanks for the suggestion. I love fiber one bars and they keep me full for a long time. As for the water, I suggest a squirt bottle or a straw in a huge glass. I end up drinking the whole thing before I even realize I was drinking at all. The gym is always a difficult endeavor. One of the only things that gets me there is downloading a bunch of new workout songs on my ipod. I get really excited to listen to them, but I make myself wait until the gym. Hope I helped. Good luck!
Apr 18 2008 by Kim V.
Horary! I lost 10 lbs so far! I've increased my fruit and vegetable intake to 5 a day! I'm getting my fiber (whole wheat and soy are not bad). I'm slowing starting to get my walking in too! Still on my plate are: “Drinking 8 glasses of water a day”, and “Going to the gym at least 3 times a week”. I read and heard a lot of people’s suggestions about how to get the water in, and I know how good going to the gym feels, but I'm still not there yet.

 Does anyone have any suggestions or insights on how you do it? I would be much obliged!


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