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Things I was never told when moving to Seattle

In bullet form because it’s neat and I am feeling OCD at the moment. 44 degrees in Seattle is different then 44 degrees in say Santa...

Saturday Bullets: Mulder-lovin edition

Last Saturday night, while watching and listening to the Annie and Burl show on Blog Talk Radio, I was having an adult beverage of the rum...

This was going through Kim’s head

In roughly this sequence… Curiously strong mints…hmmm, why do they put that on the box?… …those mini altoids have little As on...

There is something very defi ...

There is something very definite about the way my mother says it, as if it is something I should have expected all along. I could go into...

Saturday Bullets: Givin’ Blood Edition

Gave whole blood this morning, my second time in Washington State, doesn’t even hurt one bit and hopefully helps save some lives. Having...

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Nov 18 2010 by Angie S.

Do you have any information or articles that you could share with me in regards to using heparin bolus only, and heparin bolus with an hourly.  Which is more cost effective, and which one works best??

Jul 01 2009 by phlady61

Hi Kim

Iam a dialysis tech  here in Ga I would like to know what test you think I should take.  I agree with you about all the water treatment questions.


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