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Can nerve damage in teeth also cause other parts of the body to jerk and the nerves become sensitive?

I just recently had a few teeth taken out along with a rootcanal and teeth filled. I am having fake toothaches in the same spots where the other...


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Sep 19 2009 by Kim

It is so hard to quit and lose weight at the same time. Right now I am under going so much stress at home that it would make anyones head spin and then some. So even though I am  trying  and Trusting in God it is hard but I am here for a shoulder to lean on so you can always contact me..


God's Peace,


Sep 10 2009 by maria f.
Hi, My name is Maria, and i identfy completely with you. i too am looking for someone to go through this that can be honest and lts not hold anything back..ok? By the way i have only one day so not only am I grouchy but i am pigging out, not good. I am really trusting God on this one. Could you be an Angel? Till i hear from you, Maria


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